The First Four Piano Accessories Needed When Learning To Play Piano

Playing piano is a lifelong skill, handy in so many ways whether for personal satisfaction, entertaining others, or even helping others with the gift of music. And the good news is that it is never too late to learn. After finding a terrific piano teacher (a complete subject for another day!), four other piano accessories will help any piano student learn more easily and quickly.

piano lamp is essential to any music room. Not being able to see the keys or the music will make practicing annoying and the learner may be practicing wrong notes, which are hard to unlearn. Why add eyestrain to a new learner’s frustration?

comfortable piano bench at the correct height. A bench that is too hard, too high or low, or falling apart can cause wrong hand position, aching backs, and discomfort. Poor benches can also make a lot of noise, which is very annoying and distracting. Even a bench cushion could make the difference in comfort and in height. For homes with multiple players, an adjustable height bench can be invaluable.

Even having a  piano bench cushion – or several cushions – can make a huge difference for players of varying heights. Some benches even have space to keep books, notebooks, and pencils.

Well-sharpened pencils are a small but handy tool when learning new music. Writing fingering, adding phrasing, or just simply circling symbols can be great reminders. Just be sure to keep it in a place where the pencil will not fall into the piano.

piano metronome is an attractive, fascinating, and helpful aid to pianists of any skill level. A very common mistake for beginners is playing at varying speeds or trying to play too fast at first.

Besides not learning the proper notes or fingering, a novice will also have trouble with learning timing without something to help keep the tempo even. A more advanced player will also find a metronome handy as it can help challenge the learner to practice evenly at all tempos. Some pieces of music give tempo in numbers indicating beats per minute. The metronome gives a pulse showing how fast or slow a piece is meant to be played.

Of course, plenty of other items can help a student of piano. Having a well-maintained piano goes without saying.  Caster cups to protect the carpet or floors, rugs for tiled or wood flooring (to help with the sound if the piano sounds too bright in the room), piano covers and cleaners for protecting the piano will all help with sound and piano maintenance. Add a music cabinet to contain all the new music the pianist likes to play. Start with the four essentials, and as the beginner progresses, you may wish to add more to your music room.

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