Papp's Treble Mute
Papp's Treble Mute

Papp's Treble Mute

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The Papp's Mute with spring-loaded tweezer action is a big time-saver for tuning the treble section of an upright. This is the only mute we use for upright treble tuning, and we highly recommend it for all tuners.

Mute an adjacent pair of strings (such as left & center) by closing the mute and wedging it between them. Mute the left and right string by opening the mute around the center string. Mute just the left or right string by inserting the mute between the string and the adjacent string of the next note. For best results, insert the mute at an angle, between the two hammers next to the one being played, so the mute does not interfere with the hammer striking the strings. With practice, great speed can be attained.

Made of Nylon, about 8” long. Comes with protective plastic case.