The Craft of Piano Tuning (Levitan)

The Craft of Piano Tuning (Levitan)

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This is a complete guide to the craft of piano tuning, covering both its aural and manual aspects. At the heart of each of the book's two sections -- The Tuner's Ear and The Tuner's Hand -- is an essay explaining in detail the standard practices of piano tuning in terms of their underlying acoustics and mechanics.

Supplemental readings (including intentional mistuning, efficient tuning, minimizing physical stress, and hearing protection) expand on the essays and provide a wealth of practical information and tips.

252 pages. Hardcover.

Daniel Levitan is well-known to the piano tuning community through his dozens of articles for The Piano Technicians Journal and his many classes at national and international conferences. A graduate in 1975 of the North Bennet Street in Boston, he maintains a private piano service business in New York City.